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Zapier and stripe webhook limit

  • 12 June 2020
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So I use stripe payments to initiate my zaps to then sign customers up to a 3rd party platform that has my services on it. With multiple subcontractors and product subscriptions.
I created zaps for each subcontractor for each product, roughly 30 different possibilities, but only 16 different zaps.

When trying to create another zap for a new product / subscription it wont let me turn it on and has the following error
‘You already reached the limit of 16 live webhook endpoints’

I tried to get in contact with Stripe to sort it, but without coding knowledge I can’t do much. 

Was hoping someone may have had a similar problem previously and can give me a fix, or possibly a completley different work around on how I could set it up differently to avoid this problem.

Appreciate the help in advance! Cheers


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I have the exact same problem. I am also using the Stripe Zapier app and have reached the 16 live webhook endpoint limit in Stripe. The reason why this is happening is because Zapier will create a new webhook for each Zap. If you have 16 different Stripe Zaps you will have 16 different live endpoints in Stripe. There are three solutions to this problem.

  1. Use “Paths by Zapier” to create conditional logic and reduce the number of Zaps. However this requires a professional plan and higher. I’m on a starter plan and this is not available
  2. Reduce the number of Zaps if possible to avoid the limit
  3. Zapier updates their Stripe integration so that they will only use one endpoint for all Zaps created

I will contact Zapier support about this and ask for help. Will revert outcome.

Here is my suggestion to Zapier in order to solve this problem:

Your Stripe integration will create a Stripe live webhook for each Zap. This is causing a problem since Stripe has a limit of 16 Live webhooks. A better more robust solution would be to only have ONE Stripe webhook for Zapier ( and update the endpoint with Event types using the Stripe API when a new Zap is created or updated.

I have sent this to Zapier support, hope this will update their integration.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. 

I couldn't find a solution how ever I did just end up purchasing a 3rd party checkout page subscription as I needed it (paykickstart) and intergrated with stripe which I am hoping will also get around the problem, or will I still face the 16 webhook problem when linking the zaps to the checkout page payments?


Feedback from Zapier: “Thank you so much for this valuable feedback, this is how we build and grow Zapier! I've submitted this as a feature request to the team in charge of this integration on your behalf.”

This is just a problem if you are using Stripe app as a trigger in your Zap. If you use any other trigger like you should be ok as the Zap will communicate with Paykickstart and not Stripe.

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Great to know, that was my plan to link with paykickstart rather than stripe as will allow me to have more options when creating zaps and adding packages. Haven't fully set it up yet, it's on the to do list for this weekend