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Zapier and Meetup

  • 5 October 2020
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I am trying to have events created in WordPress in Events Manager create in Meetup. 

What I really need, for Zapier templates, is a better job of documenting what needs to be in the fields that are passed (I find that true for most of the templates). 

Meetup requires a number of fields to be filled out. What is the correct format for the Start Date field? mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss  ? 

The time/date I have is being passes as actual. Zapier appears to be interpreting them with the GMT settings, and I don’t want/ need it to. Or meetup is interpreting them. Hence the need for better documentation. 

Claiming “Meetup support” with no documentation for the required fields is really really poor meetup support. If that documentation is present, I apologize, and will gladly accept a reference to it. 



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Check the Meetup API documentation for field formats:

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That’s awesome - thank you. 

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Right, so looking at the API, most of those fields aren’t included in the Zapier / Meetup.

It suggests that event time is: Positive long representing event start time in milliseconds since the epoch yet the fields the Plugin supports are using date (mm/dd/yy), so there’s some translation going on. There’s no ability to set for GMT or not as far as I can tell? 

I should be presented with _all_ of these fields, and then be able to select which fields to match for from the source. 

Each field choice presented by Zapier should have the required format included. I mean, it should be known and available and presented  when creating the Zap.

Zapier just throws people off the deep end for support for all these widgets. It’s frustrating.

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FYI: For the most part, the app integrations with Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers, not Zapier.

Generally the app developers expose their main/popular API endpoints and fields for those endpoints, which is why you won’t see all endpoints and fields available.

I suggest reaching out to Meetup to encourage them to update their Zapier app integration to address some of these shortcomings.


As a workaround, you can use the Meetup API with a Webhook step in a Zap to do as you please.

@Troy Tessalone I’ve tried to get the Meetup API adn Webhook to work but not sure how to set up the API correctly. Do you perhaps have a screenshot of one that is set up correctly?


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Unfortunately, I do not.

Working with APIs is an advanced approached, so if you need help consider hiring a Zapier Expert:

OK thank you @Troy Tessalone