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Zap workflow suggestion for Hubspot / LinkedIn / Email

Hi all


So basically we use Hubspot and I would like to achieve the following.


From a list of company URLs, I want to,


Firstly, extract the key decision makers (whether this is using LinkedIn or some other third party).


Secondly, find the work email (and ideally telephone) for those individuals along with their individual LinkedIn profiles, if available.


Thirdly, for the above to easily sync with Hubspot so we’re ideally avoiding having to upload CSV’s all the time, but this isn’t a pre-requisite. 


Can anyone help advise on the above please and which Zapiers I would need? Or if it is indeed possible.  I see Phantombuster can do some of the above and can link in with Zapier, but I’m not familiar enough with these systems to visualise how best they would all slot in.






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Hey @bob-in-toon!

That is an interesting workflow and I’m not sure if it would be possible to fully automate it to be honest 🤔

Here are some suggested methods to find email addresses manually:

Phantombuster is one of the newer app integrations on Zapier and the available triggers/actions are here:

When an integration is first added to Zapier, we give it a "beta" tag by default. This indicates that it can be added to your Zaps, is considered safe to use, and is under technical review by Zapier.

Because the integration is newer, there may still be a few bugs that the developers are working out. However, this tag also tends to mean that the app development team is actively working on it, meaning any potential issues are typically resolved quickly, and they're more likely to be responsive to feature requests.

If you notice any issues while using a "beta" app integration, please let the Zapier Support team know here:

Once you have the trigger for your Zap, you’d want to use the HubSpot Create Contact action to add those emails to HubSpot:

Hope this helps! 



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Hey @bob-in-toon, I hope you’re well, I just wanted to check int here!

Were you able to get things working with the info from Marina, or can we still help here?