Zap was run so many times unintentionally

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi, I’m using Zapier Schedule trigger and trying to run a zap to send Slack message once in an hour.

In my test, it always works fine and confirmed I received Slack message.


But once I enabled the zap, zap was run so many times in an hour (over 100 times). The trigger runs once in an hour. ← this is expected ! But runs so many times.

e.g. At 1 PM, zap runs over 100 times and it continues one or two minutes then the same thing happens at 2 PM as well.


How can I solve the problem? or is this a bug of Zapier?


Image: the same zap run at the same time.


I used my free account quota by this lol.

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5 replies

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Hey @ryokuro ,


Can you post screenshot of your trigger event setup and your Zap?

Hi, here are my settings. Thank you for your help :)


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Hey @ryokuro ,


Everything looks good to me here Also all the Zaps has triggered at same time which should not have happened. You should email to Zapier support team here

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Hi @ryokuro 

I’ve flagged this for Zapier Admins to review and escalate with Zapier Support.

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Hey @ryokuro,

Thanks for reaching out about this. This is very strange behaviour indeed! 

It looks like it could well be a bug. I’m not seeing an existing bug report matching this exact issue so it may be that a new bug report will need to be opened for this.

I can see that you’ve already reached out to our Support team about this which is the best next step here. They will investigate this further and should be able to help restore the Tasks that were used in error here. :)