zap trigger working but google sheet not updating

  • 4 March 2022
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Created a new zap

  1. Thrive theme app > tested > connected
  2. created new google sheet > added the first row titles matching Thrive theme leads
  3. tested connections > connected
  4. sent a test from my website using thrive theme leads fields. It is triggering the event in Zapier but the google sheet is not updating. I have re done this 5 times using different option but still no success.

I have no idea why it is not updating in Google sheet. Any idea’s, anyone?

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5 replies

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Hi @esartori 

You can check the history of the zap whether google sheet action was successful or not. Additionally you can send a screenshot here of your zaps google sheet action’s configuration.

Thank you for the reply

here is a video of the setup 

Am I missing something?


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Hey @esartori  

You haven’t mapped the form fields data from the first step of thrive themes into the second step of Google Sheet.Ideally you should find the headers in the google sheet under the worksheet selected.Try clicking on Refresh fields or else open a private window in your browser and then try it.

For example in the action step you should find the  Google Sheet headers like Name as shown in the screenshot below under the worksheet name.



Hi, Thank you so much. 
The only issue now that I am not getting the message field being transferred.



Google sheet example