Zap trigger from purchase in SQUARE sends test data to MailChimp

  • 18 December 2020
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I’ve created a zap that is triggered by a purchase from SQUARE.

I used a ZAPIER filter to target the trigger to a specific product. 

The next step is to Add/update the customers name and email address to MailChimp and give them a tag specific to the item they purchased. 

The zap works perfectly with test data but when the zap runs it doesn’t send data from the new customer to mailchimp - rather it sends the data that was used in the test. When I select data fields for the zap it’s populated with the test data - but I can’t seem to delete the test data. 

I feel like I’m missing something simple here. Any help would be appreciated.


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7 replies

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Hi @ImpactDave 

Can you show us a screenshot of how you have the Square step configured.

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I think the problem is in the MailChimp step. I received an error alert from Zapier (see attached)

Here’s a screen shot of the zap for that step - you can see the test data in there. This is where I should be calling to insert the email address from the customer transaction in SQUARE. 

I may not be understanding how Zapier uses the test data, it seems to me like I should only see the field name in this step without my test data.

Wondering what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for your help!!

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Hi @ImpactDave!


When you see something like this in the task history...


... it means that the Zap looked at those fields but couldn’t find any information. In this case, it looked at the email address, given name and family name fields and couldn’t find any information. 


This can happen for a few reasons, the most common of which are:

  • The trigger app didn’t send any information in those fields
  • There’s a mismatch between the fields that the Zap is expecting and the fields that the trigger is sending  


To trouble shoot this, as a first step:

  1. Go to the task history of a task that failed
  2. Check the names of the fields that came through from Square and make sure that they are exactly the same as the field names in the MailChimp task history. 


If they are different go back to the Zap in the editor and get a new sample from Square by re-testing the trigger. Use the new sample to add the relevant fields to the Mailchimp step and test it again. 


If that doesn’t help you to get to the bottom of things, then itll be best to contact the Zapier support team so that they can take a closer look at this with you. You can contact them using the Get Help form:

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That makes sense, but how do I find or enter the field names? When setting up the zap I’m presented with the fields to choose from the Square transaction. (see attached) It seemed like all I needed to do was select the fields, but there must be more to it than that.



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I think the problem is that SQUARE uses the field names “Given Name” and “Family Name” while MailChimp uses the field names “First Name” and “Last Name”. How do I map these fields together?


I need to ask Zapier to take the “Given Name” from SQUARE and put it in the “First Name” field of MailChimp.

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This is the correct way to map field data points between steps.

Make sure the sample record you’re using from the trigger step has the required data points populated, so that you can test the action steps.

Please check your Zap step configurations and try testing again to see if that resolves the error.


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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?