Zap: Trigger 1. New Entry in Typeform Wix Answers logo Action 2. Create or Update User in Wix Answers

  • 17 April 2023
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Im trying to build a zap Zap that allows answers from TypeForm to trickle in to Wix members database and create a new member including all the replies. 

The suggestion from Zapier is: Trigger 1. New Entry in Typeform  Wix Answers logo Action 2. Create or Update User in Wix Answers

All is good still here, but then I can’t for my life find how to do the following steps that Zapier suggest. I can’t even find this area in WIX. Is it an old feature that’s not available anymore? Talked to several different coders and no-one seems to be able to solve it. 

Anyone here??? ☺️


Allow Zapier to access your Wix Answers Account?


Your account is the name that appears before in your account URL (e.g.

API Key 

Create an API key in Settings > Webhooks & API > Add API Key.


API Secret Key 

Appears next to the API key when created.




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7 replies

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Hey there @sonja,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I just wanted to check in with you and ask if you could provide some clarification on the issue you're experiencing. Are you facing any difficulties authenticating your Wix Answers account with Zapier? Let me know and we'll do our best to help you out!

Thanks! 😊

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Hi @ken.a and thanks for your quick reply. It seems like Wix Answers doesn’t exist anymore. Which is a bummer, since that would’ve been the best way to get TypeForm replies directly into Wix customers “cards”. Do you think there’s another way with Zapier?


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Hi @sonja 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

It looks like the Wix Answers app is still available for integration.


You can create a Zap here and connect your Wix Answers account. Please see the screenshot below.


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Hi @Brem and thanks for your reply! It’s true that the option is there. The problem is that wixanswers in Wix is discontinued as a company 😢 So we need to figure out another way to get Typeform replies into membership cards in Wix. It’s a bummer. 

have a great day! 


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Hi @sonja - Jumping in here! Depending on your level of comfortability, you may be able to give this a shot using Webhooks by Zapier. With you Zap plan, you do have the option to reach out to Support for additional help setting this up, or you can always work with one of our Experts

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Thanks @chanelle for your reply! We will have to think it through with the WIX-people since it’s that side that is apparently causing the bridge from TypeForm with Zapier not to work. 


Grateful for your reply. Have a great day!

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You as well @sonja, always happy to help. Let us know if you have any questions in the future! 😆