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Zap to only trigger during NON business hours

  • 14 May 2021
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I have created my Zap and it works great but I want to set it up to function outside the hours of 9am-9pm EST Monday -Friday. I.e. It’s on 9pm-9am on weekdays and 24hrs on weekends. Thank you!

Update: I think I may have figured it out. If I use a schedule zap functionality and set it to turn ON on weedays at 9pm and then OFF on weekdays at 9am this should allow this correct? So it turn on at 9pm Friday and then because I have it set to not be triggered on the weekends it should continue until turned off on weekday at 9am?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 May 2021, 02:56

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Hi @dori258 

Here’s some inspiration…

Zapier Manager app has an Action to turn a Zap ON/OFF:

Pair that with a Zap that is triggered by the Schedule app:


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Or you can add Filters (or Paths) to check the timestamp when a Zap triggers...

Insert Timestamp:



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@Troy Tessalone Thank you! I set up the Zapier manager and schedule and it looks like its’s functional. However, when I tested out I am having issues. 

I want my main Zap to respond everytime a new post is made in a channel in Slack, to automatically send a predetermined message within that thread. However, when testing this, it looks like it posting to the original thread instead of posting to each new thread. Does that make sense? Would you by any chance know how to remedy it? Thank you for your assistance!!

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Can you please provide screenshots of how your Zaps are configured?


Also make sure to review the available help docs for Slack’s Zap App:

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@Troy Tessalone Is there a specific part I should show that would be particularly helpful or all? I think the issue may be that reply in thread is set to associate with the parent thread vs new message?


Thank you I’ll check that out now!

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May depend on how you are testing.

Are you pulling in new records each time for the trigger step?


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Hey @dori258, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things working with the information from Troy, or can we still help here?

If you are manually testing the step within the zap editor, you’ll want to make sure to pull in a new sample from the trigger for each test if you’re expecting to test different threads. If the trigger sample is never updated, each test will thread to the message from that trigger sample.

That said, this only applies during testing inside the zap editor.

Once the zap goes live, the TS should update to the TS of the message that triggered the zap.