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Zap should only work Mo-Fri 9.30-12.30

  • 14 December 2019
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Dear Zapiers,

I'm working with Zapier, and the Zap right works fine, but I need a Delay build in, or a some kind of scheduling in front.

so, what may Zap is doing in Pipedrive:

It's looking for new Deals in a specific Pipdrive-Filter, and if a deal appears in that Filter, the Zap is moving this Deal to a different Stage in Pipedrive.

But I want this moving only to take place on Monday-Friday 9.30.-12.30

So I think a "delay by Zapier" would be the choice here, but I'm not able to input my requirement... Could someone help me with that?

thanks a lot!


Best answer by AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 15 December 2019, 09:48

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3 replies

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Hi @Peter

So, alongside your existing zap, you’ll want to build another zap. It’s trigger will be “Schedule by Zapier” and you should set it to run daily at 9:30am excluding weekends (there is an option for that).

The first action step of the zap should be “Zapier Manager->Toggle zap on/off” - and as you can probably guess you’ll use this to switch on your main zap.

Next you’ll want a delay step to park the zap for 3 hours, then another Zapier Manager step to toggle the main zap off again.

Does that make sense?

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thanks a lot, it worked! :-)

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Hi @Peter!

I'm glad that @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu's workaround works for you 😃

One thing to remember is that when the Zap is off, any deals that come in during that time wont be processed by the Zap. If that's fine for what you need, then you're good to go!

If you want a Zap that will catch all of the deals and only send them to the specific stage of Pipedrive at the times that you mentioned, then you could check out this post for some inspiration

Delaying a Zap until a specific time of day I hope that helps!