Zap pulling test data from Google sheets

  • 19 October 2021
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Hello all. I’m trying to create a zap that will send an email when a new row is added to the Program Applicant Google sheet.  I want the body to contain the name, phone number and email from the profile spreadsheet.  I have successfully set up a zap to send an email when a new row is added to my volunteer applicant google sheet with this same information.  The problem I face, is zapier is pulling old information that is no longer in the Google sheet. When I was initially setting it up to test, I put made up information in those fields and the zap worked fine.  I deleted the fictitious information from the google sheet and entered different information but the zap still sends what I put in before, even though I have erased that information and refreshed the spreadsheet, zapier and the app.  No matter what name, email and phone number I put in the app or the spreadsheet, it still sends the email with the previous information that I deleted.  Has anyone ever had this problem and how did you overcome it?

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2 replies

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Hi @CM Smith 

Check out this help article for changing the trigger test data to use to configure your Zap:

Hi Troy, thank you! I followed the steps and the old information is no longer popping up.  Now it says it can’t find a new row even though I created 2 new rows. I’ll try again, maybe I left something out.