Zap posting 3 of the same post to my IG Page

  • 6 July 2020
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Hey guys! So I am trying to post from my RSS FEED to my FB account, then when that happens, I would like the same post to go to my IG Account. I have it set up, however, when the FB to IG fires, it puts 3 of the same posts on my IG page and I have to go delete 2 of them. I dont know why it’s doing that. Can someone please help?



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1 reply

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Hi @dailyfotog


It’s a little tricky to know why this is happening without being able to take a look at the Zap in question. One thing to check is the task history for the Zap. You can find the task history for all of your Zaps here: Or if you go to your Zaps and click on the down arrow for that Zap, you can go straight to the task history for that Zap. 


When you look at the task history, if you see three tasks that are firing at almost the same time, that means that the Zap is being triggered three times for each post, so you’ll want to double check your trigger. If there is only one task per FB post, then the issue will be with the action of the Zap. 


That should hopefully get you pointed in the right direction to troubleshoot what might be happening with the Zap. If you try that and aren’t able to spot the problem, the best thing to will be to get in touch with the Support Team so that they can take a closer look at the Zap with you. You can do that through the Get Help form.