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Zap is triggering the Salesforce lead assignment rule

  • 5 February 2021
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I’ve created a zap with the following logic:

  1. Zapier is connected to a Gmail inbox (e.g.
  2. If a new email is sent to that inbox, Zapier will parse the emails details.
  3. Zapier will check in Salesforce using the sender’s email and look for an open Lead.
  4. If an open Lead is found, Zapier will update the status to “Open - Customer Waiting”.

But oddly, this workflow also seems to trigger Salesforce’s lead assignment rules, which will then change the Lead owner back to the Salesforce queue “Sales Development”. This is obviously very disruptive.

Has anyone experience this issue and know of a fix?


Best answer by Allen121 17 February 2021, 21:36

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4 replies

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Hi @Allen121 

Issue appears to be the Salesforce settings side.

My Zap keeps assigning a record or object to the same owner

Check in your Salesforce account to see if there is a workflow rule/auto-assignment rule that's overriding it.

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@Troy Tessalone I’ve checked all of our workflow, process builder, and flow rules. There shouldn’t be anything triggering the lead assignment rule.

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Best advice I can give you is to check the Salesforce Record History Logs to try to determine what’s causing the update to be made and when.

You may have to take an impacted Salesforce record and troubleshoot by tracing thru the timestamps and data points being updated to determine what’s causing the override to kick in, essentially a process of elimination.

Check your Zap Runs to make sure there isn’t a different Zap being triggered:

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Interestingly enough, it does seem like our lead assignment rules are being retriggered by this zap. The workaround we made is to filter out updates made to a lead by a certain user that I use to connect Salesforce to Zapier, which solved the issue. Thanks for the help everyone!