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Zap: Google Sheets to Airtable - creates new record in Airtable instead of updating eventhough a "Find record" step is included

  • 4 March 2021
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Hello Zap Community!

I'm trying to set up a Zap with Google Sheets and Airtable wanting it to "Update record in Airtable when new or updated row in Google Sheet". I successfully set up another Zap where it creates a new record when a new row is created in the chosen Google worksheet. However, I also want a Zap that just simply updates the existing matching records in Airtable when rows in Google Sheets are edited.  I played around, and made a Zap that was kind of "working" - however, when I update rows in Sheets it just created new records in Airtable. 

I have set up three steps:

  1. Google Sheet as the trigger: new or updated row
  2. Action: Find record in Airtable (making it look for a matching record in Airtable)
  3. Action: Update record in Airtable if it matches the record that was found 

What I have done so far is to set up a Google Sheet worksheet as a trigger - here there is no problem. Then I've added a "Find Record in Airtable" step in the Zap, as I want the Zap to look through existing Airtable records for one that matches the row in Google Sheets. When testing this, it's successful (I get a true result). When I then move onto "Update record in Airtable" and choose a record I wish to update I get the one saying “Record” (with a sequence of numbers and letters). I also put in values in fields underneath the Record telling the Zap what to update. 

When I run the test there is no problem. But when I then edit something in the Google Sheet, the updates in Airtable are created as new record, instead of just updating the existing ones? 


Can anyone help me? Spent a long time on this and can’t wrap my head around where it goes wrong



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HI @JuliePoss 

Your flow is sounding right so far. Do you mind sharing screenshots of your set up so that we can get a better look? 

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Hi @JuliePoss,

First and foremost, make sure you don’t have this option turned on:

If you turn it on that tells zapier to create a new record if Find Record doesn’t return anything.

You mentioned that you are mapping a Sequence of number/text (from google sheet; a sequence of number/text separated by comma is known as line-items), however, that is suppose to be only one number/text. So make sure your mapped item only has one value (not separated by comma).

Let me know if this helps.

Hi @robschmidt and @GetUWired 

I figured out where it went wrong - but thanks for reply!

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Hi @JuliePoss - We’d be really appreciative if you shared what solution you found! It would really help our community. Thank you!