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ZAP detecting JIRA status updates

Hi All!

I would need some help for the following issue: I have a JIRA Service Desk and using ZAPier to integrate it with other 3rd party apps. Now, when I look at step 1, which is defining the Trigger, I can see that ZAPier understands 2 events:
Create Issue​​​​​​

Update issue

Now, regarding update issue, how can I define that inside update what would be the exact update I want the trigger to activate. Like I want only an action when the ticket gets closed. Because now anytime if any update happens on my tickets, then action is being done, but I want to define that if the update is ticket being closed, only then I want to have the action.



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Hi there @Marcell,

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Before we dig deeper into this, could you please share a detailed screenshot with how your Zap is configured? Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

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Hi there!

I am happy to share a screenshot, but as you can see, my question is really a general question:


→ as you can see, I have a ZAP, which has trigger that is connected to my JIRA and any time there is an update on the /any ticket it will do some action. My issue is that I would like to define what that update is actually / I would like to specify the exact update.

For example: Updated Request: ticket status changes to “Closed”. Like this, this trigger would only fire and do the defined action only if a ticket is getting closed and not in any other circumstances.

Thanks for your help!

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1️⃣ Trigger Events: In Zapier, you can choose between two JIRA Service Desk trigger events:
            Create Issue​​​​​, Update Issue
2️⃣ Focusing on Updates: To specifically trigger an action when a ticket is closed, you need to define the condition within the "Update Issue" event.

💡 You can Do It:
Step 1: Select the "Update Issue" event as your trigger in Zapier.
Step 2: Configure the necessary authentication and connection to your JIRA Service Desk.
Step 3: Within the Zap configuration, you'll find a section for adding Filters or Conditions.
Step 4: Set up the filter or condition to check if the update involves the ticket being closed. You may need to refer to JIRA Service Desk documentation or explore available options in the filter configuration to identify the appropriate condition.

🔗 Zapier Expert Profiles: For immediate and reliable assistance, you can also consult Zapier experts.