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"Zap could not be switched on" - Azure Dev Ops settings

  • 22 September 2021
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I have created a Zap that connects Azure Dev Ops tickets with Salesforce.  The Zap works every time I test it.  However, as soon as I try and turn the Zap On, it will automatically switch to “Off” and I will get an email from Zapier saying “Zap could not be switched on.  Please try enabling it again, and if you still experience issues, get help”.


I emailed Zapier support and they told me that the error was -


 "Access Denied: d260bd27-bac2-682b-bed1-4924e4201643 needs the following permission(s) on the resource PublisherSecurity/bece7e8a-c130-42e7-a6c4-d7bed35a6dba to perform this action: Edit Subscription" 


This probably means I need to edit my subscription/security settings in Azure.  However, after looking into this, I am not sure exactly what I need to change.  Has anyone run into this issue or have an idea for a fix?


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Hey @MitchM, I think you’re on the right track here! 

Looking at that error it does seem that there are insufficient Edit Subscription permissions for the connected Azure Dev Ops account. 

I did some digging and it seems like you might need to edit the instance-level information for the connected account as that appears to be where the ability to edit event subscriptions is contained:


More on this here: Security groups, service accounts, and permissions in Azure DevOps

Alternative, if you’re able to connect an administrator account instead I would have thought that should give you sufficient permissions.

Hopefully that helps! :)

Thank you so much!  Permissions were adjusted and now everything functions as it should!