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Zap: Calendly to iMac Contacts

  • 9 December 2022
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Dear All,

I would like to automatically connect “Calendly” with my iMac “contacts”-App, so that I do not have to manually “hack” the name, email, phone number into “Contacts”.

Thanks a lot for any hint ;-)!




Best answer by Todd Harper 14 December 2022, 14:15

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Hi @tpk 

Good question.

Here’s a possible workaround...

Connect your iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts to be synced.

Then you can use a Zap to send Calendly contacts to your Google Contacts.

The result will be your Calendly Contacts synced to your iCloud Contacts.


NOTE: You need a Calendly paid plan to use Calendly in Zaps.

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Hi there @tpk - checking in to see if you’re all set here, or if you need us to keep thinking creatively with you and the Zaps you have planned :]


Either way, let us know if you were able to sync up iCloud and Google, or if you have any other questions!

Best- Rachael

Dear Rachel,


thank you for asking. I don’t want to use Google Contacts. Therefore the proposed “workaround” is not quite a solution for me.

Do you plan to support “Apples Contacts” directly in the near future?



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Hey there @tpk - understood, and I hear you about not wanting to use Google Contacts. It’s really hard to say if/when new integrations will come about, and me being on the Community side, I know less than most! 


I can say, anecdotally, that Apple is known for not being very collaborative with their integrations, so it may not be on Zapier and more on Apple to open up that avenue. 


This thread on the Apple community theorizes mostly the same thing:


Sorry I don’t have better news, if you’d like to chat with Support to see if they know something I perhaps don’t, you can always submit a ticket here:



Thanks a lot, Rachel :-)!

I guess I will have to find an alternative solution to fully automize my company processes.

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@tpk I would look into using the Apple Shortcuts app.

Assuming you get an email with all the necessary information when a Calendly appointment is scheduled, you can use the Automations feature to trigger a shortcut when you get a new Calendly email and the shortcut could parse the data and add it to the Contacts app.

Note: While shortcuts can be built on MacOS, the “Automations” feature that allows you to set a trigger instead of manually executing shortcuts is only available on iOS and iPadOS devices.

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Thanks @Todd Harper for helping me think creatively on this one 😅

Deal Todd,

thanks a lot for your message :-)! Whilst I am an electrical engineer (primary education) and I do have SW programming knowledge, I did not find an “entry point” to start your described shortcut. So I decided to “give up” and continue manually, until I will change my CRM system.

In any case, thanks again to make me aware of “shortcuts”. I can definitely see the power of them.

Have a lovely weekend :-)!