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Zap a lead directly to a user in Salesforce

  • 2 February 2023
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I’ve set up a zap to send new leads from my Google Sheet to the company Salesforce everytime a row has been created or updated. But how do I dynamically and automatically send that lead to a Rep in my team?

The Rep’s name is included as a column entry in the Google Sheet. 

I tried inserting a Search Record action in between the the Trigger and the Action but it didn’t work. Any tips? Thanks.


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Hey @alleyj3nz!

When you say “send that lead to a Rep in my team” do you mean within Salesforce?

If so, and you searched for what you needed, my bet would be that you may have mapped the incorrect field from that search into the subsequent action step.

While this user has different apps, the explanation I give for how to use custom values could be helpful if that is indeed what’s happening in your case: 

It would be most helpful if you could provide some screenshots of your Zap setup and clarify how you want to “send” that lead.


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Hi @alleyj3nz!

To assign the lead to a specific user, you’ll need to use a custom value for the assigned field. If you haven’t done that before, here’s a guide on using custom values in a Zap: Add custom values to dropdown fields

When you say that the search step didn’t work, can you give us some more details? Did the step hit an error for example?

You should be able to set up the Zap like this:

  1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row
  2. Salesforce Find record (search for user)
  3. Salesforce Create Record

The Find user step should give you the user ID, which you will need to use as the custom value in the assigned dropdown field.

Another way that you could approach this (which would save you a Zap step) would be to add the user ID into the Spreadsheet as well as the user’s name. To save you from having to type the full ID every time, you could use a Lookup formula (eg VLOOKUP) in google Sheets to automatically add the user ID based on the name. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!