Wufoo and Google Sheets row issue

  • 9 June 2020
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I am brand new to Wufoo and Zapier. I am trying to create an order form where my customer can either submit and pay for 1 day’s meal at a time, or is offered an option to add more orders.  They need to pay when they submit.  My issue is that I am needing to add each separate order  (I set up as pages in wufoo on 1 form) to a new row of the spreadsheet.  For instance, they decide to order a meal every day for the week and now have 5 different sets of info.  I don’t want it all to go on 1 row; I want it to go to a different row for each.  Is this possible?  I have a working Zap, but with all information on 1 row in the spreadsheet.

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1 reply

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Hi @MidwestFresh 

This depends a lot on how the information is coming in from Wufoo. What does the meal data look like?


If you can convert it into line items (eg with one meal as each line item) then you can use the Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action to add a new row for each line item (each meal)


If you’re not sure how the information is coming in from Wufoo, could you please send a screenshot of what the meal data looks like in the section of the trigger that shows the sample data. Don’t forget to remove/obscure any personal or private information (eg full name, email, address) from the screenshot. 🙂