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Workflow for Course Completion

  • 5 June 2020
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I am using WordPress to develop a course that consists of 8 modules. I’m trying to build it so that once all 8 modules are completed a certificate of completion would be emailed to the individual. I can do this if the courses had to be taken sequentially by letting them have access via the end of a quiz to the subsequent module. However, I am trying to build it so that the modules do not need to be completed in order. I’m working with WordPress, H5P (not supported by Zapier), Wufoo, and Google programs. Any ideas on how I could build this?


A few of my ideas: 

-Have user take a quiz through H5P and then upon successfully passing, have them enter their name into Wufoo Quiz for that module. Then somehow use Zapier to mark that module 1 was completed by that person (is that possible) and then do that for each module. Then somehow build a trigger that upon each module being completed (or the row count = 8), it would transfer the name into another google sheet, which would run upon triggered and auto-fill a google doc and email it to the person. I’m just having trouble with how to track that the user has completed all the modules. And then upon completing all the modules, how I could get it to trigger entry into another google sheet? 


Or if there’s an easier/other way- I’m open to that too!


Any ideas??


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I think I’ve figured out this one, but it’s somewhat complicated because you’ll need a formula in the sheet that will confirm when all 8 modules are completed. This makes things harder to work with because you can’t have a formula in a sheet where you want to create a new row (which you’ll need to do to add the new user to the sheet). 


The first thing that you need is to set up your sheet like this (I’ve added a couple of dummy email address to show how it works)

The second thing that you need is to make sure that you have a form to collect the user’s email address before the complete any courses. 


Your first Zap will take the email address from the form and find the first row that doesn’t have an email address in it. It then adds the email address to that row. So it would look like this:

  1. Trigger - whichever form app you use to gather the email address
  2. Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Row - Select the Email is blank column for the lookup column, select the lookup value as TRUE. This will find the first row with ‘TRUE’ in it (ie the first row with no email address).
  3. Google Sheets: Update Spreadsheet Row - use the Row ID that was found in the previous step to tell the Zap to add the email address in that row. 


The second Zap will add the completed courses to the sheet. When someone completes a course, ask them for their email address in the form so that you can match their email address with the course they completed. That Zap would look like this:

  1. Trigger
  2. Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Row - Find the row with their email address in it
  3. Google Sheets: Update Spreadsheet Row - use the row ID found in the previous step to add a ‘X’ in the column of the relevant course. 

Finally, set up a Zap that will trigger from changes to the final column only. 

  1. Trigger: Google Sheets New or Updated Row - make sure that you set the final column as the trigger column, you don’t want the Zap to trigger unless that column changes. 
  2. Action/s - Send email with certificate
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THANK YOU so much! This is incredibly helpful!