WooCommerce Zap Question

I installed the WooCommerce Zapier Plugin on my wordpress site.

I activated it and setup a application password.

I have wordfence Premium running.

But my question is, how often does the WooCommerce zap run? is it just watching for events in my wordpress and the zapier plugin pushing it, or is it connecting every so often like every 5 minutes to check for new events?

I created a zap, that is for when someone is registered. So if someone creates a new account, it gets their email and checks if they are already in my project management system, if not, it adds them.


So I’m wondering how it works, as I cannot find anything out. How often does it check for new updates?

can you tell me that?

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Hey @bizactuator ,


Majority of WooCommerce trigger events are real time.

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Hi @bizactuator ,


From Zapier's point of view, @jayeshkumarbhatia  is right. Yes, triggers are happening in real-time, meaning Zapier is not polling your site; instead, WooCommerce is sending the data.


It is worth mentioning that the delivery is happening in the background, leveraging WooCommerce's Action Scheduler. This means the usual delay is between 1 to 5 minutes.


You can read more about Action Scheduler in our documentation here:


I hope this helps