WooCommerce / Trello - Convert checklist to cards in other board

  • 12 July 2020
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I am new here, I wish you could help me with this problem.

I already exported my WooCommerce orders to Trello cards, separating texts and putting each item in the checklist.




What I need is to create another Dashboard, where each item in the checklist is a card.




The problem is that there are orders with up to 15 different items (15 new cards)

Is it possible to do it using a zap?

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1 reply

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Hi @rcevallos!

Thanks for providing those screenshots. That’s super helpful :)

Question for you: are you wanting to have cards created in a different board when you complete a checklist item? Or did you want to create a card at the same time that you’re creating a checklist item?

If it’s the second one, can you trigger on cards being added in that particular board/list and then do you see the checklist items in the data inside of Zapier? Is that something you can check?