WooCommerce Subscription Rebilling Data Change

  • 1 December 2021
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I have a client that is trying to make it so that a specific type of subscription order customer gets a free month. To do so, we need to change the re-bill date on that subscription +1mo

When trying to update the subscription for the customer, I keep getting a 400 error and cannot figure out why. 




This shows me manually trying to put in a date. I have tried different date formats as well. Ive tried pulling the order date and doing +1y, +1mo


Even when I leave the date blank im getting the 400 error

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4 replies

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Hi @AppGuyAaron

Try different date formats, apps often expects date as a certain format, per their API docs:

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@Troy Tessalone 


Tried this and still got the 400 error:


in fact, even when I leave the next payment date blank, and just give the subscription ID with no actual updates to fields im still getting the error. 

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Check that there are no leading/trailing extra spaces fields with static values or mapped variables.

Check the mapped variable is correct. (since it’s unclear what the WC trigger step is)

Can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support as well:

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Hey @AppGuyAaron just checking in here! Were you able to get the date formatting to work or are you still running into issues here? If the ladder, let us know where you’re stuck and we’re happy to continue working through this with you!