WooCommerce product category not in data list

  • 19 July 2021
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I have a Zap to “Create or Update Contact in Agile CRM” when an order status is updated.  However, I cannot find any reference to the WooCommerce product category when I try to add the data field - except the Coupon Lines Meta Data.  And the Coupon Lines Meta Data item don’t show any data in them.

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7 replies

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@kloverprod1 please share some screenshots. 

Did you try woocommerce webhooks if they deliver the data instead of the native woocommerce app? 

In the old version of Zapier product category was an available piece of data.

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Please install a Webhook as trigger and set the action accordingly to: “when an order status is updated”

Nice thing with webhooks you can limit the notification to certain events of an updated order, for example the status “paid”.

I’m not having a problem triggering an event.  Zapier just doesn’t show the Product Category (or Tags) as data that can be transferred out of WooCommerce.

If I use a webhook I still need to create an action that moves the data into Agile CRM.  That data still won’t be available to the action.

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@kloverprod1  did you test the webhook if it is showing the category?

I tried but was not successful.  I did not see any data at all.(I am not at the Premium level.)


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Thanks for your reply, usually categories are shown in the webhook data, I assume (without any further technical estimation) that your WordPress is the error source.


Did you update woocommere and try updating the database for woocommere too. (Be careful - updating on your own risk)