Woocommerce order from Hubspot deal stage change

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi, I’m trying to automate a woocommerce order creation from a Hubspot deal stage change.

The problem is that Zapier only sees the properties of the deal, not any of the company that the deal is connected to.

Is there any way for Zapier to see more data than just the deal’s properties?

The order in Woocommerce needs at least the company name and address.

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5 replies

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Hey @Jarno Kylander ,

If you have assigned a company to a Hubspot deal. Than you will receive company id from Hubspot trigger. Than add an action to get more information about Hubspot company. 

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Hi @Jarno Kylander 

Most CRM apps use related/linked objects.

For example, Deals are linked to a Company.

This means that generally just the ID of the linked object will be returned, and another Zap step will be needed to find/lookup the data about the linked object.

Add a HubSpot Find Company step to the Zap and map the Company ID.


I got it working by using “Get company in Hubspot” action.

Now the problem is that I get a error when testing the Woocommerce action: “Communication error. 400 Bad Request.”

The troubleshooting says that it maybe due to missing data in some field. Is there a way to see the mandatory fields for a Woocommerce order?

And does the customer have to exist in Woocommerce when creating new order?

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@Jarno Kylander 

Required Fields in a Zap step will be indicated per each field:


Yes, order of operations may impact the sequence of steps in the Zap, so try find/creating the WC Customer first before creating the Order.


Help article for common WC issues with Zaps:


Please post screenshots with how your WC Zap step is configured.


I dug around the WP error log and found this:

Website: September 20, 2021  3:48 pmProcess: Updating/Creating Ecomm Bridge - PRODUCTURL: /extensions/ecomm/v2/sync/messagesResponse: {"status_code":400,"response":"Bad Request","body":"{\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"Store  does not exist for app Optional[58426] on portal 25027631\",\"correlationId\":\"c54a732a-75ba-46ee-94db-d16b6c37b080\"}"}


Any suggestions?