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WooCommerce Gmail New Order integration help

  • 27 May 2020
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Hi Everyone!

In short, I need help figuring out the best way to go about handling woocommerce orders that have multiple different products, each requiring a different email sent out to separate suppliers.


Alright so my e-commerce website uses woocommerce to sell a number of different products. Right now we have three chemical products that are manufactured and shipped by one supplier, the rest are non-chemical products and are either handled through the drop shipping platform AliExpress, or are shipped by us from our warehouse. Back when I was only selling one product with 4 variations, it was easy to create a basic integration between woocommerce and gmail to send a templated email to my supplier asking for x product with quantity y to be shipped to customer z. Now that I have more products on my site with the possibility for customer orders to contain more than one product, I need a more advanced way for Zapier to parse the products that need to go to my chemical supplier and send out an automated, templated email that contains everything needed for my supplier to fulfill said order without receiving unnecessary data in the email.


I originally chose Zapier because of the Paths feature. Thinking that in the same way any programming language is able to use as many if/else-if/else logical paths as required by a program, I thought I would be able to do the same with Zapier. Unfortunately there is a limit of only 3 logical paths using Zapier. Of course you could have 3 nested paths for each path and so on and so forth, but this does not serve my needs.


Does anyone know the best way for me to go about handling orders with multiple different products?


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Hi @c23.duarte! Do you think that you’d be able to solve this with more paths? If so, how many do you think you’d need?


I’ve also seen users use the Spreadsheet-style Formula function in the Formatter app to create if/then conditions on which information should be included in the next step of a Zap. There are some examples of how folks have done that in this post: How have you used the Spreadsheet-style formula function?