Woocommerce/AC Email Dynamic value issue

  • 30 June 2020
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I am trying to Connect WooCommerce & Active Campaign.

Creating a New customer in Woo to  trigger that customer to enter an automation in Active Campaign. The Zap works but the problem I have is that the ‘Subscriber email’ value is not being dynamically added. For some reason it is set to my test email address so everytime it gets triggered the automation sends to the test email not the customer.

No doubt it is something simple but for the life of me, I cant work it out…



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4 replies

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@sarbear38 I might be wrong on this, but with Active Campaign (AC) do you need to first create the contact and then add them to an automation? Is it possible that the Zap is sending AC the correct information but AC is using a default user email address or something because there is no contact with that email address?


Also, can you post a screenshot of what you have this field set to, the screenshot is of the selection but I’d like to verify that the correct value was indeed selected.

And finally, if none of that helps can you post a screenshot of the task history of this zap running, specifically the input data and the output data for this step (step #2)


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Thank for getting back to me Paul.


Right, So i changed the AC trigger to create a Customer that then flows into the automation - not sure if its necessary but willing to try anything at this point. {tested and working with manual input of contact into the selected list}


Image of WooCommerce trigger “create customer’  [this step works]


then I need AC to send this ‘customer’ to the selected list to create a new contact.

The problem has been that the email address sent to AC is the one seen in ‘Customise Contact’ > ‘Email address’. The email shown is the email from the ‘WooCommerce Test run by Zapier. NOT the email of the customer - hence I get the eamil not my customer!!!

So I have had intermittent results - for no reason apparant to me - sometimes the zap runs but send to the test emaill address and just now I am getting an error log [see image below]


I am at a complete loss as to what to do - hopefully its something REALLY obvious….


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@sarbear38 thanks for those extra screenshots!!! 


I need a couple more to help diagnose what is going on, but from the first impression you have this set up correctly :)


On that last screenshot from the task in task history where the “Email Address” is missing. Can you please scroll up to the first step (trigger) from Woo and click on Data Out and show a screenshot of that. For some reason that Woo trigger is not providing output to the Zap (specifically the email address) and so the zap is sending an empty email address (in your screenshot the {{#######__email}} means there was no data from the previous step for the email field, same thing for the Last Name and First Name fields)


Also, another screenshot request, when a task runs and sends your test email address to AC, can I get the screenshots of the data out for step one and the data in for step 2 for that task in task history. 



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Hey @sarbear38! We just wanted to check in here. In order for us to dig into this further, we’ll need to view the “Data Out” in the WooCommerce trigger for a Task that is behaving that way. That will give us insight into what may be happening here and see if we can recommend some next steps for you to try. It sounds like WooCommerce isn’t always sending along an email address, which is causing the errors to occur on the ActiveCampaign side.