Wix to Google Sheets, only one item added to row when more than one bought.

  • 2 June 2020
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Would like to ask question related to this topic. I have imported the data from my Wix Store via Wix Automation to Google Sheets. But unfortunately if the customer purchases 2 items, only 1 item (the first item) is reflected on the Sheets. Is the any way to resolve this?


Thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @joanna.scubegift! I split your question to a new topic as it seems to be about a different issue to the topic that you had replied to. 


When you say that you’ve transferred purchases to Google Sheets using Wix Automation to Google Sheets, is that something that’s built into Wix, or is it a Zap that’s built into Wiz - eg you can see the Zap in the Wix interface?


If it’s the second (or if you set up the Zap in the Zapier interface, could you please let me know what action the Zap is using - that’s the part of the Zap that sends the information to Google sheets. Does it say Create Spreadsheet Row or Create Spreadsheet Row(s). If you’re not sure, could you please take a screenshot of the automation so that we can take a look? Don’t forget to remove any personal or private information like emails from the screenshot. Thanks!

Hi Danver,


Thank you for your reply.

Its the second one, I have choose the “Row(s)”. Yes, it’s still only export the first item:


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Hi @joanna.scubegift - It looks like you chose the right option. You’ll need to set your Zap to handle line item support so that it pulls all the items purchased by a single customer into your Google Sheets.

If you need to transform that information into line items, we recommend checking out Formatter by Zapier with focus on the Utilities option: https://zapier.com/apps/formatter/integrations#triggers-and-actions

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Sometimes, like in 2% or so, you get list items which are basically just a string (Perspective for example), then you need to split them first, for example at the ";". And then you can easily go with the formatter.