Will Zap still run if delay value coming from Google Sheets is changed?

  • 3 December 2021
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We have a Google Sheet that houses start, end and various other dates for clients (coaching program). From time to time clients must pause or extend their start date. 

I want to set up a Zap that is from Google Sheets to either mailchimp or gmail that says send an email but delay until X date. X date will actually be fed over from Google Sheets and will be the trigger column. My concern is if the date is changed will that mess anything up? So let’s say I have someone due to start on 12/7 and on 12/6 they say it needs to be delayed a week so I change the date in Sheets to 12/14 will the zap still run ok? 

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Hi @Mandolynn 

Depends on how the Zap steps are configured for handling the logic.

Couple things to keep in mind with a Delay step in a Zap. (The maximum time a task can be held for is for one month (31 days)).

Help article about Delay step:

This article might be helpful:

Otherwise, you’ll need additional formula columns in your GSheet to check against the Date field and return a TRUE/FALSE value to then have the Zap trigger from.

That sort of logic would remove the need for Delay steps in the Zap.

GSheets has many factors to be aware of when being used in Zaps so best to review the help articles:


I’d recommend using Airtable instead of GSheets as your operational database:

Airtable has specific field types (e.g. Date:

Airtable has Views (with sorting, filters, grouping, show/hide fields) [e.g. Date = Today]:

Airtable has Automations: