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Will Sub-Zap return and continue the rest of the action within the Zap if it didn’t pass the filter?

  • 24 May 2022
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Scenario: Zap calls a subzap.

In this subzap, there is a filter action.

In case the values do not pass the filter, will the subzap return to the zap where it was called from, and continue the rest of the actions in that zap?



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No, not if you use a filter. 

Your main zap will be set to waiting/delayed as it would be waiting for a response that will never come. 

If you were to need your subzap to return to the main zap regardless of passing the filter criteria, it would be best to use a path in your subzap instead of a filter.

I.e if passes filter criteria, do what the subzap needs to do. 

if doesn’t pass the filter criteria, return to the main zap that the filter criteria wasn’t passed. 

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Hi @maor356 

Good question.

Another option is to use Formatter > Text > Default Value, that way a value is always is always returned and the Sub-Zap can complete.

Similarly, a Code step can be used to achieve this behavior.

The configuration will depends on your specific use case.