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Why am I being asked to upgrade when switching on Zap?

  • 11 February 2023
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I don’t understand why the system is asking to upgrade the subscription if my free plan is for :

Free Plan

Tasks 2 / 100

Zaps 0 / 5


Is also available a little ebook in italian language about the basic use of zapier? thanks


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5 replies

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You could be getting that message for a few reasons, depending on what you're trying to do.

2 examples come to mind:

  • Zapier has a number of “Premium Apps” that you can only use if you have a paid subscription
  • The free tier doesn't include multi-step zaps, so if you're trying to make one then that could be the issue too.

Unfortunately Zapier only directly sports English and I didn't have any more luck than you did with finding other resources online. Your best bet may be looking up one of the a Italy-based Zapier experts to see if they can help out!

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thanks for the quick response! unfortunately it is not clear if the zap that I hypothesized is with paid services (there are no pop-ups that highlight that it is a paid subscription). I just need to receive contacts who see my google ads who fill out a form to request a quote, and transfer it to hubspot....... Zapier is absolutely not understandable and easy to use as they had suggested to me . Can I find someone in the community who in Italian can help me understand where I'm wrong and how to achieve my goal? thank you to whoever can help me

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If you’re looking to get the info into HubSpot, why not redirect your ad to one of HubSpot’s free forms instead of a Google one?

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thanks, i’m using the hubspot forms but i was not aware that they can be used also for google ads. I’ll try this way. have a good weel-end

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Hi @valeria bertoli! 👋

I’m so glad simplifywork was able to help by suggesting to use HubSpot’s own form builder to connect to Google Ads. 

I just wanted to confirm that Google Ads app is a Premium app, so that is why you were asked to upgrade. It’s not possible to use premium apps while on our Free plan.

Sorry for any confusion caused by that. I hope this helps to clarify! 🙂