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Where can I find the “Stripe Other Fees” for Subscriptions, Invoicing, etc.?

Hello!  I create a Sales Receipt in QBO for each new invoice in Stripe, and then I also create an Expense for the Stripe Transaction (credit card) fee.  This is tied to the customer and is (generally) working.  My question is where to find the “Stripe Other Fees” for Subscriptions, Invoicing, etc.  These are deducted from our payouts.  They appear to be a daily total of fees (e.g., if we have 4 payments in one day, we see one amount for that day for the .5% subscription fee).  I’m having trouble figuring out the trigger as I cannot locate a “Find Payout” or similar.  Does anyone know where I can find this?


I don’t think this is tied to a customer but I could be wrong.  I’m planning to set up a generic vendor “Stripe” to captures these expenses. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.


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Hey there, @SusanW! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! 🎉 We’re so excited you’re here!

I dig some looking and I wonder if the “Find Charge” action might be helpful in locating the fees you’re looking for. The charge ID is required and should look something like ch_1234567890.:

Also in terms of actual setup this is slightly similar request that maybe helpful. Perhaps with a bit of tweaking for your needs.

I hope some of this helps! Keep us posted!

Hi Christina.d,

Thank you for your response.  The Balance_transaction_fee detail amount is the Stripe transaction fee (credit card fee).  I do have that fee.  I’m looking for the fees for Zapier services - the subscription fees and invoicing fees.  These are charged when our payouts are processed. Any other thoughts?  

Sorry, to clarify it’s the Additional Stripe Fees I’m trying to locate and not Zapier Fees.


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Hiya Susan! I can see you were able to open a ticket with my friends in support! I wanted to pop their response below in case it’s helpful! 

  • Looking at the New Invoice trigger you're using, and I can see that the product included on your invoice is included in the data being returned.
  • The Product name as well as the Price and Product ID.
  • Next, the Find Charge step being used returns the Stripe fee that can be used to create the additional line in your Sales Receipt.

You’ll also need to map the product code from Stripe to the Product ID from QuickBooks Online. A good way to accomplish this would be with a Lookup Table. You can read more about Lookup Tables here:
For some added insight, the values on the left of your Lookup Table would be the Product ID's that you get from Stripe, and the value on the right would need to be the IDs of your products in QuickBooks Online that represent the Stripe products:

I hope this gets ya back on track! 

Hello Christina.d,

Appreciate your response.  Just to clarify, I already have the Stripe Transaction fee (credit card fee) incorporated into my Zap.  Stripe has an additional fee for their services, and that’s what I cannot find in Zapier.  I’ve looked in Stripe (latest), Stripe (1.14.1) and Stripe (Legacy) for this information with no success.  I’ve looked in New Charge, New Event (specifically New Payout, which only provides the total payout), New Order and New Plan. I’ve tried to link the New Event/New Payout to a Subscription but cannot determine the unique key that links them.


First up is the Biling (Subscription) Fee, which I assume is triggered by a new subscription with a successful payment.  This is .5% fee payable to Stripe and not the Stripe Transaction Fee for credit card processing.


Any thoughts to find this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All!

Appreciate all the support but I’m manually adding information until we can find an automated solution.  Stripe processing fees (not credit card transaction fees) exist for any Stripe user so welcome your assistance if you see this note.