When deal stage changes will the contact be removed from Zap?

  • 31 May 2023
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We are using Zapier to integrate Hubspot and MailChimp to send cold leads in Hubspot to a Mailchimp email list. Our question is if the contact starts engaging and is no longer a cold lead, will they automatically be removed from the Zap or does that need to be done manually in Hubspot/MailChimp? 

1 reply

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Hi @Fellow -

You may be able to set something up with the Find Customer action, followed by a Remove Subscriber from Tag action. I’ll link the integration page for a MailChimp to Hubspot Zap here. I’m inclined to think you’d also need to set up some conditional logic to decipher when/at what point, the New Lead tag is removed from said subscriber. 

Let me know if you have questions!