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Whats the best way to execute an action only once on an update trigger?

  • 22 December 2022
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I am trying to combine two zaps that contain similar formatting steps. The apps that I am using are Ganttic, Ryver, and Google Calendar.

Ganttic currently updates google calendar, then new events on that calendar makes a post (topic) in ryver. These are topics that I do not want to have duplicates of.

I am thinking I can add a filter step at the end of my Ganttic update to Calendar update zap that will weed out duplicated posts to Ryver. But I am struggling to figure out what the best field/command to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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3 replies

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Hi @Everette S 

Good question.

Sounds like you may need to log these somewhere to check against before deciding how to filter, such as in a GSheet or an Airtable Base.

I didn’t figure out how to run a log into sheets… But your reply prompted me to look at the zap history. Thank you. I did find a “zap data found: true” field that populates during my “Find/create event in google calendar”

Used Path A (boolean, true) to update the event
Path B (boolean, false) creates a new topic in ryver and sends an email to our customer.

Adds a task to this zap, but saves at least 5 between the other two zaps I was using to get all this done.

Using a gant chart that updates 5 projects at a time can stack up quick. This should help.

Brings up a question about my Delay line. I have it set to delay for 15 minutes after my trigger. If I update the same trigger again within the 15 minutes, does zapier execute both commands or does it use the most recent?

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Hey @Everette S  - If I’m understanding correctly, your Zap is triggering twice. In which case, your Zap should execute both :) 

So for example if your trigger is new or updated google sheet row, with a delay after. If you add a new row, it’ll wait 15 minutes and then proceed. If soon after that new row is sent to Zapier, you update that will be sent again as an updated row. Does that make sense?