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What's the best way to build this integration...

  • 11 March 2022
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I’m new to Zapier & I’ve watched most of Lauren’s (Amazing!!) Getting Started with Zapier videos (Thank you Lauren!!), but I would feel more comfortable taking the next steps after getting some advice.

My needs are pretty simple, but we’re on a short schedule, so I don’t have time to test 10 different solutions.

  1. We’re sending out a marketing letter to potential clients with a QR code that identifies Each individual recipient of our letter (using to generate the individual QR codes).
    1. We have the mailing list in a spreadsheet / Google Sheet, but we can import it into a database if needed.
    2. We ONLY want to talk to people that are on our list.
  2. The prospect will (hopefully...) scan the QR code, which will generate a web query on our web site, like (just a generic example...).
  3. We want that query to present the prospect with THEIR record from the spreadsheet to confirm, “is this you?”, then collect the prospect’s email address.
  4. We would like to then write the email address back to the Google Sheet record that we just looked up, then email that record to our sales staff.

There’s more processing after this stage (auto-populating our contract & authorization form in DocuSign, etc.), but I’m going to tackle this in chunks…

Our web site is on WordPress, but I’ve read some glowing (and some not-so-glowing) reviews of the WordPress Zapier integration.  

I Really (really...) don’t want to find out how unreliable something is after we drop a 17,000 piece mailer with a 45 day deadline to get Our paperwork filed for the customer.

So, any pointers Most Definitely appreciated, either positive (this worked for me!!) or negative (stay away from...).

Thank you!!




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 11 March 2022, 21:37

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Hi @Franko 

First and FYI, using a GSheet in a Zap with 10k+ records is not recommend.

You may want to consider using Airtable instead of GSheets:

NOTE: You’d need an Airtable paid plan to use that many records.


For steps 2 & 3, if the QR Code url is already directing to your website, then you’ll need to use front end scripting (e.g. JavaScript) to query a database and display the record data, as well as offer the ability to edit/submit that data to collect their email address.

Zaps would not be used for this.


Upon that form submission, a Zap can be triggered to updated the record in the database.

But the execution will depend on what form app/plugin/extension/add-on is being used to collect the email address.

Thanks Troy - I’m contacting a Zapier Expert now to get some professional help - your answer definitely pointed me in the right direction, thank you!!