What is the difference between Event Email and Email in my Zap field type?

Mapping Mondays to Zoho CRM

Having issues bring data across to CRM

Don't understand difference between  field type

Event Email:




We are checking crm for existing email address , if not present add record in module contacts



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Hi @dale-dillon!

Can I double check that the two apps you’re using are and Zoho CRM? Or is Mondays a different app that you’re using a private integration for?

If you’re using, it’s likely that the Event email field is a custom field in, so perhaps someone in your organization is able to tell you the difference between the fields?

For the Zoho CRM step, you’ll need to use the action Find or Create Contact. That will search for existing contacts and create one if there’s not one that matches the email coming from Monday. 


I hope that helps, let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi @dale-dillon 

are those two fields in Zoho or coming out of Monday? 
It might be best to just test out the zap and see which field is which! 

Hi all is the app :) 

testing zap- still trying to figure out which field is which, seems no logical naming - not that we recognise

Custom field - will have  a look

Zaps seem very unstable, first one works, second then doesn't bring all data, misses off bits and puts “new Item@ instead



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It would be helpful if you could share screenshots of your Zapier set up action so we can further assist. 

It may also help if you look at the Zap History to see what data is being transferred. 

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Hey @dale-dillon 

Just checking in to see if you might be able to provide some screenshots of your set up so we can assist with this.

Or perhaps if you got this figured out you could share a solution for anyone who might discover this thread in the future!