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Weekly Email Schedule - All trainers - Following week's events

  • 16 February 2021
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Hi everyone, 


I have a new complex challenge and I wonder if I can get some help here for this integration. Thank you very much in advance!




We run trainings/webinars daily around the world. (trainers, calendars, related data)

The logistic is: we schedule these trainings > calendar and > task payment sys (These are all done OK)

The main key data is on Asana, the relevant fields are: 

  • Start and finish date/hour
  • lead - trainer 
  • mod - trainer
  • bm - trainer 
  • youtubelink
  • all other event info


What we want to achieve is as follow: 


Each week - on Thursday - each trainer - Gets sent an email - containing next week’s events in which he/she is scheduled. Events listed on email body


The ideal workflow I can see on Zapier is as follow: 


  1. Look next week events (scheduler Thursday 10 am)
  2. Look for unique trainers names - emails (on lead - mod - bm fields of each event)
  3. Create “key storage data” for each unique trainer name
  4. Populate each key data
    1. Search next week events with key/trainer name
    2. populate key event - list all next week events with trainer name on (lead mod bm)
  5. run Scheduler - Thursday 10:30 - send email each “Main key data on storage” (trainer name)
    1. Create email body template
      1. Add key data - list all child data into key


Any help is very welcome! Thank you very much!














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Hi Felipe, 


We’ve done a very similar project before where we had to process a CSV (in your case all Asana items) and then complie records based on who they were assigned to, and then send an email to each person who had assignments. 


We used a combination of storage and digest mixed with some Google Sheets magic to make it all happen and would love to help you too. If interested head on over to where you can fill out the form and get the process started with me and my team.

Thank you very much. I am doing it right now.