Webinarjam and Hubspot - Updating existing Hubspot contact after Webinarjam event attendance

  • 14 January 2022
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Dear Community,

I use Webinarjam and Hubspot for sign ups and webinar execution. To connect the two, I already have a zap in place that sends sign up data from Hubspot to Webinarjam. I now want to update a contact property in Hubspot to reflect who attended a webinar and who missed it. For this, I created a zap that takes the live attendees from Webinarjam, finds the contact in Hubspot and updates a contact property to “Yes, attended”. The test zap was successful, unfortunately the trigger for the Live Attendee in Webinarjam is only an instant trigger. Can this sync also be done after the event (webinar was yesterday) or will it only be available for triggers of live attendees that attend future events?

Thank you and best




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3 replies

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Hi @danielajk 

The WebinarJam/EverWebinar Zap triggers happen in real-time.

Perhaps you can elaborate on your use case for wanting to sync data after the event vs in real time?

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Hi Daniela!

Sounds like a great Zap and super useful.

An instant trigger will only trigger on future events and isn’t retroactive. I’m not as familiar with Hubspot as I’d like to be, but it sounds like there is a way to import notes to update multiple contacts at once. You could possibly do this to get all your data in Hubspot and then the Zap will help you moving forward.

Let us know what you end up doing!

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@Troy Tessalone Thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t yet set up the instant triggering zap before yesterday’s event and was just now wondering how I can update the collected data. But the zap is now ready for the next event.

@Jillian Thanks alot for the tip with the import function. This indeed worked, just having an issue with correctly importing the timestamp from the live and replay room from the Webinarjam .csv into the contact property in Hubspot. But this is an issue I have to clarify directly with Hubspot, it seems.

Thanks for your help and have a great weekend.