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Webhook POST is sent several times - Causing duplicates at the other service

  • 2 July 2020
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my Zap is doing a Webhook POST request to another API. The API takes a couple of seconds to respond and therefore the POST request is sent multiple times, trying to get a response from the other service. 


This behaviour causes duplicates in the database of the other service, because the same request is sent 2-3 times. Somtimes only once. It’s kind of random. 


Is there a way to prevent the request to be send multiple times or is it waiting for some specific status code?


Thank you!


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Hi @marvinfl! It sounds like the webhook is waiting for a successful response from the API that it’s sending to. Are you able to take a look at the logs of the API that the Zap is sending to to see what responses it’s giving and it what timeframe?


One thing to remember is that the timeout for getting a response from a webhook is 37ms, so if the API isn’t responding in that time, that will likely be why the Zap is attempting to send the webhook multiple times.