Webflow form to Senta CRM: Display multiple "true" or "false" inputs

  • 17 June 2020
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Hey, I have a form on my website which asks “What type of business are you?” where you can select the business, the output of these are as if a checkbox, true or false. 


So zapier successfully imports this data, but i need all 4 of the business types to bring one output out to our CRM stating the singular business type, (The singular true).

Any ideas?

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3 replies

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Hi @Saint Financial Group! Welcome to the Community 🙂


Could I ask what app you’re using to trigger the Zap, how are you getting the information from the website to Zapier? That will help us to get on the same page. 

Hey, thanks for the response, 


We are using webflow (the website where the form is originally stored) and then this information is transferred to our CRM (Senta)


What the form does its gather basic information on the user and creates a client in the CRM, with the CRM there is a dropdown list of types of business, which are selectable on the website though the use of checkboxes which output true or false. 

I need the zap to get the 4 options available which will consist of 3 falses, and 1 true, and select and display the single true variable on senta


Thank you again :)

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@Saint Financial Group Sorry we missed your message! Did you get this sorted in the end? Or do you still need help?