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Ways for a reply to a specific email to update a specific Notion DB item

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi guys,

I have a Zap I am not sure how to create. We have a DB in Notion of certain items which correspond to emails sent in Gmail. So email sent in gmail with a specific subject creates a entry in that database with the body of the email that was sent + the email address of the recepient + First and last name.

What I want to do is to automatically update a specific entry based on a reply to a specific email.



Email 1 sent to person A with email with body X


Notion DB item Y is created with these criteria based on the emails subject as it is predictable.


One week later I follow up with email 1a because of no reply. I need zapier to know to update Notion DB Item Y with additional email 2 that was sent.

This should happen for each email that gets sent out from gmail with a specific subject.


So for example email 2 to person B with body Z would create notion DB item W. following up with 2a email would update the body of notionDB body W and so on.


Is this feasible?


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4 replies

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Hi @Draganmin 

Gmail has as trigger for New Email matching search. 

You will then most likely need some logic to isolate the correct email address.. whether it’s in the from field of the to field. Then search for the item in notion by the email address, and update it if found. Your flow would be something like this

Trigger: New Email matching search in Gmail

Action(s): logic to isolate the email address stored in Notion.. you could use code for this or perhaps a couple of formatters. 

Action: Find Database Item in Notion

Action: Update Database item in Notion

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Thank you for this! Is this a scalable solution?

I.e. I do not need to specify a single email but I can say take the email address field from the email received and cross reference in NotionDB, if you find an entry that has this address in the email field, update it with relevant information

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Zapier will only return the first matching instance in Notion. 

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got it. So from my understanding I can do what I described, but it will be done only for the first match it finds? If so, that’s good enough, thanks a lot!