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Wait until Condition is met on Monday Board to proceed

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I’m using monday. And trying to setup a system where, once I filled out a column or create a new item. I want zapier to wait, until my checkbox column is filled specifically. 

This could be right after it’s created, or it could be filled 7 days after. 

Basically to wait until a condition is met, to send data to the next step.

I was wondering if this was possible?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 8 June 2023, 21:11

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Hi @Ali3332 

Good question.

Try using this Zap trigger: Monday - Specific Column Value Changed in Board


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Hey @Troy Tessalone thanks for the quick response. I tried that and couldn’t find the specific check column. It only showed two columns out of the 10. Should I add a “search for column step” then the “specific column value changed in Board” step that you mentioned? 

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Some Monday Board Column types might not be supported.

As a workaround, try this…

Make the Zap trigger: Webhooks - Catch Hook

That will provide a unique webhook URL to use in Monday.

Then, in Monday, on the Board, go to Integrations.

Search for Webhooks.

Configure an integration that triggers when your Checkbox column changes.