VAT being added when sending stripe payments to Quickbooks Online

  • 23 March 2022
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We have an eCommerce website that is automated so when someone buys something they download it straight away. We want to make everything automated and have linked Stripe to the site and then used Zapier to link Stripe to Quickbooks to create a sales receipt and expense for the fee.  The only issue I am coming up with is that the prices on our site and the sales Stripe takes include VAT but I can not work out how to tell Zapier to tell Quickbooks that. So when a sales receipt is created in Quickbooks it is adding VAT again - therefore all the prices are wrong i.e. £12 sale (which includes VAT) but when sent to Quickbooks the sales receipt says £14.40 with £2.20 VAT so it has added it again. 

Any ideas who to move this across to include VAT so that is shows up correctly on the sales receipt as being £10 services + £2 VAT = £12 total sale?

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1 reply

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Hiya @MWM

I wanted to pop in and see if you were able to find a solution for this? I can see you were able to chat with my friends in Support, which is awesome! Did their Formatter recommendation do the trick for you? Let us know! 🤗