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Using Zapier to send data for Tableau analysis

  • 3 March 2021
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I’m trying to connect Mailchimp email data (opens, clicks, etc.) to Tableau so I can make a tracking/analysis dashboard.  I’m brand new (today) to Zapier, so I’ve just opened it up to play around a bit.


I know there is no native Tableau connector at this time.


Q1) I figure one way I could go would be to have Zapier upload MailChimp data to a database (BigQuery/Cloud? Google sheets?) and then connect Tableau to that.  Does that make sense?


Q2) Our MailChimp campaigns are one-offs; meaning we build them for each send weekly.  I wanted to figure out a way to have Zapier dump any opens and clicks to my that database (ie; adding a line of data.)  However, it looks like I have to set up new Zaps for each new campaign, rather than have it send for clicks or opens from any campaign we send.  Is that correct, or is there a way to set up what I’d like to do?





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Hi @Daniel Baker HPG,

Yeah, Tableau doesn’t have any integration with Zapier yet, so you can do two things at this point:

  1. As you suggested, you can feed data from MailChimp to Google sheet through Zapier, then connect Google Sheet to Tableau natively.
  2. Another way to do that is by using API, it will pass data from MailChimp to Tableau server through Zapier without using Google sheet.

For your #2 question, as far I am concerned, you can only watch a single campaign using one zap. It’s a bit frustrating, however, there is a somewhat complicated workaround you can build that will be able to watch all campaigns, it is as follows:

Zap 1

  • Trigger: New campaign in Mailchimp
  • Action: Create a Mailchimp webhook to listen to that campaign using “Webhook by Zapier”. Webhook can subscribe to Email_Open, Link_Click, etc.

Zap 2

  • Trigger: Webhook by Zapier (Use the given URL as the endpoint/callback URL for the #1 zap)
  • Action: Post to Google Sheet or any other places.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply @robschmidt 


I will explore your proposed solutions thoroughly!