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Using Zap to book a buffer time appointment on my outlook calendar when a specific type of Schedule Once booking occurs

  • 2 April 2020
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I want to use a zap to create a second Outlook appt once a specific type of Schedule Once booking occurs. The SO set up already drops the booking into my Outlook but I want a second appt too which creates a block of time for 60 min after the booked time. (the So setting for buffer time only address both before and after so if I do a 60 min buffer after I have to also have a 60 min buffer bvefore which I don't want so am hoping it's Zapier to the rescue!)


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Hi Melanie,

I see that you’ve written to our Support team and they have responded with some directions and also some questions. Please continue the conversation there, since they’re able to dig into your Zaps :)

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Please share the answer/conversation as this is EXACTLY the issue that I’m trying to solve, but with Google Calendar.


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It looks like Support’s initial response hasn’t received a reply yet so I can elaborate a bit more here, in this thread.

In order to accomplish that you could add another Create Event step but instead of using the start/end times that come from the trigger step (in this case, ScheduleOnce) you would use one of those and then add 60 minutes to it.

More info on adjusting date/time values in Zaps:

I’d suggest using the end time and then adding 60 minutes to that, since it’s easier than having to add the duration of the meeting AND also that extra 60 minutes.

So a Zap could look like this:

Trigger: ScheduleOnce — New Meeting
Action: Your Calendar — Use the start/end time
Action: Your Calendar — Use end time + 60 minutes (as shown in the link above)

Does that help to clarify how to accomplish something like this?

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Thank you Nick. I realized that the Zaps are working, EXCEPT that the time modifier isn’t working.

Overall, I’m trying to create 2 events before and after a “main” event is created. For example, if the main event in Google Calendar is 1100a - 1200N. then I want an event 1030a - 1100a and then a 2nd event 1200N to 1230p.

So I’m using for the “before” event in Google Calendar:

Before event start time: Main event start time - 30m

Before event end time: Main event start time

This Zap runs, but it creates the event at the same time as the “main” event. It appears that I’m not using the time modifier correctly. It’s creating the event at 1100a - 1100a.


For the Zap for the “after” event, I’m using

After event start time: Main event end time

After event stop time: Main event stop time +30m

This Zap runs but the event start time is correct, but the duration is only 1 minute.


What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @longhornfin!

One thing that gets people a lot is that the format for adjusting dates is very precise:


There has to be a space between the modifier and the date (which in your case would be a mapped field). You also have to make sure you’re using the correct format:


We often see things like sec, min, hr instead of the proper s, m and h (respectively).

Can you check on both of those things to make sure it’s set up as expected?