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Using the Campaign Monitor action step to update subscriber's multi-choice custom field

  • 27 March 2021
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Hello! This is a question about updating a multi-choice custom field for a subscriber in Campaign Monitor. So I have a multi-choice custom field called “Services”, with choice “Service A”, “Service B”, and “Service C”. Using the templated action step, what does Campaign Monitor’s API need me to encode in the field to jive with their expected request?

Here’s what I mean. In this screenshot, you can see I’ve got multiple values I want to assert:

The test returns a success message, but these fields are not recognized on CM’s end:


So the question is: What do I need to do in the Zapier field action step to match CM’s API endpoint? It access nested JSON requests, according to CM documentation, but how do I translate that using this templated action?

Of course, I could construct a HTTP request using Zapier, but I’d rather not go through that trouble if I don’t have to. Zapier’s out of the box CM template should be able to handle ingesting multi-choice inputs for custom fields.

Thanks! Tom


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I figured it out. For anyone else who might have this question, the answer is that you need to send it to CM in the following format:

Service A, Service B

The key being the comma and space. So use Zapier’s built-in text formatter to string replace (str.replace) with the comma and space.

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Thanks for sharing the solution that you found, @tommycopeland!