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Using HTML format in Microsoft Teams chat messages

  • 20 September 2020
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is there a way to post a Teams message as html format?
Currently it’s as text only and so e.g. URL links aren’t clickable atm when sending an automatic message to someone.

Maybe a switch which sets the content-type of the message to html or test if preffered would be very handy :)
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82 replies

I would like to add my vote in the feature request. Do we have visibility on when it could be rolled out ?

Please add my vote for this functionality too :)

If this is not yet implemented, please add me to the list!

please add me to the list!

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I would like to add my vote, but I’m concerned that it’s been three years and there’s no progress yet. Is this really on the development list?

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So sorry we missed your messages here previously @gaetansel, @Allanjjj, @cvelez, @GCS Operator and @ddaftech!

I’m happy to report that the feature request has since been implemented. So the Send Chat Message action now has the ability to handle both HTML and markdown notation in messages! 😁🎉

That said, please do let us know if you run into any issues in using HTML or Markdown with that Send Chat Message action. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡

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Hi folks, it seems I spoke too soon!

There’s since been a number of reports that this new feature is not working quite as intended. As a result, the feature request as been reopened while this is being investigated. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Thanks for your continued patience and understanding here. We’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop on this and we’ll let you know once this has been rectified.