Using Filters to Limit Zap to One Outlook Folder?

  • 8 March 2023
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I’m trying to build a Zap to create a new line in my Airtable based on emails I Categorize as Tasks. I have the connection to Outlook, but I can’t figure out the filter settings to limit it to Category: Tasks

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1 reply

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Hi @AccountName1 ,

Hm, I’ve got a few ideas.

We don’t have a trigger that will trigger on a new email either landing in or being moved to a certain folder. We have feature requests for both of those that I could add you to.

Or, a second option there a way to automate what emails will go into that folder? Because if we can just trigger off of every new email in the inbox and use a Filter step to recognize the correct set of emails, that could work.

Finally, we could use a Schedule trigger and then use the new Make API Request action to select emails from that folder...and then use Looping By Zapier to process all of those with the action you want to happen.

So, given all that, what do you think about these questions:

  • How do emails get into that folder now? Is it automated by some other process or do you manually do it?
  • Can you define a way to automatically determine the emails that will/should go into that folder? If so, does it make sense to create a trigger for every email in the inbox and use a filter step to trigger on only the correct emails?
  • What’s your interest level in trying to go the Make API Request action?
  • What action are you trying to do with the email after it gets added to the folder?