Using Excel file to upload and email only certain contact

  • 31 March 2022
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Hi all! 


What I’m trying to do is the following in Zapier.

  • Use onedrive Zap to get an excel file (This is easy and done). The file in this case is a Excel file that is structured similar to the following (Account Name | Order Number | | Completed (Yes/No) | Date Completed.)
  • I want Zapier to pick up the information from the Excel and then email it via Outlook to a group of people outlined in a Mysql Database I have.
  • The Mysql Database element is easy and can do that.

The issue I have is the Excel and getting it to only send the relevant information in that related to the relevant Account? How would you do that?




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1 reply

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Hi @snowymasta 

Good question.

Perhaps you can outline a few examples for us to have better context.

One example of where you would INCLUDE the data and another example where you would EXCLUDE the data.

Providing screenshots is helpful as well, thanks.