Use TeamBlind as trigger app?

  • 9 October 2021
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I’m looking to use Blind as a trigger to send a channel message to a Discord server. Specifically, whenever there’s a new ‘Hot’ post on the platform, it’ll propel an action to send the Title and Text of the post to the a Discord channel.

I understand that Blind is not currently supported in Zapier’s list of Trigger apps/platforms, I wanted to ask if there are any workarounds for my intent? If not, this feature idea of having Blind as a supported Zapier trigger would be awesome!

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2 replies

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Hi @bryantanjw 

Most Zap apps are created and maintained by the app developer on the Zapier Platform, rather than being managed by Zapier, so best to encourage the app developer to build a Zap app.


If you get email notifications, then you can try email parsing as the Zap trigger:

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Hey @bryantanjw,

I’ve added your vote for the TeamBlind app to be added to Zapier. As Troy mentioned, most app integrations with Zapier are created by the app’s own developers but we’ll be sure to let you know by email if/when it’s added. :)

In the meantime, there are few other options you might be able to use connect to TeamBlind without it having an integration on Zapier. You can find out more about those here: How to Get Any App to Work with Zapier

Hope that helps!