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Use Microsoft Teams webinar registrations to add subscribers in Campaign Monitor

  • 16 September 2021
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Hey Folks,

Have made a couple of Zaps but this one is eluding me. This started me on the journey Microsoft Teams Webinar Registration to Salesforce | Zapier Community

What I’m trying to make happen is - 

User signs up to Teams Webinar using the Teams registration page.

email gets sent to Zapier with registrant info

info gets parsed (and passed) to Campaign Monitor and added to a subscriber list.

So far, using Sharepoint and Flow/Power Automate, I’ve managed to get Teams to send the relevant info (name/emailaddress/subscription etc) in an email body to me, comma separated- it arrives in the format:

firstname, lastname, email, company , yes/no (required, one of these will be present)


It’s a messy ‘branded’ microsoft flow email so not just the salient user data, a bunch of other MS branding etc mixed in with it.

Next step now is how to get that relevant CSV body data out of the email and into something Zapier can send into Campaign Monitor fields.


Looking into Zapier Parser right now - will update as it comes together. if anyone has any previous experience on this, spare brains much appreciated :)





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Update - With a bit of wrangling back in MS Flow/Automate (adding fieldnames before the actual user input) and using Zapier Parser I have successfully managed to extract user data from the forwarded Microsoft email alert. Now to get that to Campaign Monitor !

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Update - OK success - Following the instructions here :

The Email Parser Guide: How to Automatically Copy Data From Your Emails (

Managed to send Teams webinar sign-ups where they are saved in a sharepoint doc, through parser, and onto a list in Campaign Monitor. Good job done !
if you’re looking for the teams registrations doc in Sharepoint - it resides in Microsoft Lists - see

and also see

Hope this helps some people.

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WOW! Fantastic work here, @jman

Thank you so much for sharing how you solved this. I’m sure this information will be super helpful to many in the Community here! :)